Exclusive: Economist Stephen Moore Campaigns for U.S. Senate Candidate Tom Del Beccaro in CA

Tom Del Beccaro
Los Angeles, CA

Economist Stephen Moore of the Heritage Foundation is headed to California in late September to campaign for Tom Del Beccaro, a 2016 Republican candidate to replace the retiring U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA).

Moore, previously of the Wall Street Journal editorial board and founder of the Club for Growth, has come out in strong support of Del Beccaro’s national flat tax plan.

“We shouldn’t have to settle for 2 percent growth nationally or in California. We can do better,” Del Beccaro told Breitbart News.

“One of the largest impediments to strong economic growth is our tax code. At 77,000 annotated pages, it is a code dedicated to collecting political favors more than taxes. A flat tax would give a huge boost to the economy and reduce the power of the IRS. It’s time we restore incentives to Americans and let them take charge of this economy.”

Del Beccaro further stated that he plans to reveal the details of his nationwide tax plan during Moore’s California trip.

Moore will make appearances with Del Beccaro on September 28, 29 and 30 in Riverside and Orange Counties as well as the San Francisco area, the campaign informed Breitbart News.

“We need to restore the American economy to strong economic growth. Strong growth can solve a lot of problems,” said Moore. “We can do that with a flat tax and Tom Del Beccaro has long been a proponent for the type of the tax simplification and flat tax we need today. I look forward to coming out to California in late September to help Tom spread that message.”

At a June San Diego County Republican Party meeting, Del Beccaro told the audience, “We need to give voters a choice. We don’t need to run as Democrats. We don’t need to run saying we need to be loved….At the end of the day, minority parties become the majority party when they offer a better alternative.”

The Senate candidate has been traveling the stated talking about pressing issues, especially the economy and the water shortages plaguing California.

Del Beccaro served previously as Chairman of the California Republican Party, and contributes to Forbes. He recently spoke to the Ramona Tea Party in southern California about his new book, The Divided Era.

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