L.A.’s New Renters’ Union Launches ‘Days of Rage’

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The Associated Press

A new renters’ group calling itself the L.A. Tenants’ Union, taking its cue from numerous leftist organizations around the world, has decided to launch a campaign called, “Day of the Dead. Days of Rage.”

The oppressed renters started their demonstrations on Sunday at the Villa Carlotta in Hollywood, where supporters were asked to wear red “to symbolize the housing massacre,” according to Curbed LA.

On Monday: “Nightmare in District 24,” targeting the Los Feliz area. On Tuesday: “Nightmare Treatment by City Officials,” organized by the Los Angeles Community Action Network. On Thursday: “Nightmare in Boyle Heights,” which will protest Metro’s transit-oriented development.

The Halloween week will end with “Nightmare Downtown” on Friday, protesting developer Barry Shy’s maleficent wish to raise his tenant’s rent by 10%.

At the Villa Carlotta event, a fight between protesters and the owner of the building broke out; the owner and his security accused the protesters of assault, according to CBS Los Angeles.

On Monday, the Rodney Drive Tenants Association sent State Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León a letter, stating, “We demand immediate action for a moratorium on all Ellis Act evictions and initiate repeals of Ellis and Costa-Hawkins Acts that restrict local, democratic rent stabilization measures. The Ellis Act is not just a state law on paper somewhere–it is being used to steal the homes of real people!”

The Ellis Act allows landlords to evict tenants when they stop renting out the property.