Vote: Judgment Day for Airbnb, Sanctuary City Sheriff

Ross Mirkarimi (Ben Margot / Associated Press)
Ben Margot / Associated Press

It’s Election Day, and Californians are deciding on a host of local offices and ballot measures. In San Francisco, voters will decide the fate of Airbnb and “sanctuary city” Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi.

Mirkarimi came to national attention in July after an illegal alien killed 30-year-old Kate Steinle at a San Francisco pier. Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez made a jailhouse confession to the killing and said he chose the city for its sanctuary city policies, which would shelter him from deportations.

Mirkarimi has defended those sanctuary city policies–and nowfaces a potentially tough bid for re-election.

Results may likely rely heavily on which special interests are best at getting their supporters out to vote, as voter turnout in an odd year is expected to be low.

San Francisco residents have the opportunity to register a vote on propositions A through K (that’s eleven, for those counting). A number of the measures push government-subsidized housing and long-term business leases.

Local radio KQED summarizes “affordable housing bond” Prop A as, “a $310 million general obligation bond that’s being floated to finance the construction or rehabilitation of 30,000 affordable housing units. The bond measure requires two-thirds majority voter approval to pass.”

Propositions B through K were also summarized by KQED. One, Prop F, imposes additional restrictions on short-term rental property. It has gained national attention because it poses a threat to Airbnb’s business model on the company’s home turf.

Prop K is another measure promoting the establishment of government housing projects.

In Southern California, L.A. County election spending is expected to run in excess of $10.8 million, according to local radio outlet KPCC.

Compton Unified School District voters will decide on a $350 million proposal to improve “amenities such as science labs, research libraries, technology centers and athletic fields,” according to CBS Los Angeles. A parcel tax, hotel bed tax, public safety tax and utility users tax are also on the ballot for some in Los Angeles.

Polls opened at 7 a.m. and will close at 8 p.m. PST in California.

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