Gavin Newsom: Hillary Clinton ‘Taking a Big Risk’ Pushing Gun Control

REUTERS/Mike Blake

On November 3, California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom (D) warned that Democrat presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is “taking a big risk” by focusing so much of her campaign on gun control.

Newsom, who is running for governor of California and is pushing some gun controls himself, differentiated between his push to put them on the ballot and Clinton’s push to implement them by executive fiat.

According to, Newsom said he did not expect Clinton to focus so much time and energy on gun control, and he worries because such an approach has “not been very successful for presidential candidates.” He stressed that he “couldn’t agree with Clinton more” on the controls she is pushing; he just believes she is making a big error by pledging to go outside the process to achieve them.

Newsom then redirected the conversation toward his own push in California–where he supports a “high capacity” ammunition magazine ban and background checks for ammunition purchases–stressing his indirect involvement, inasmuch as the people will decide on gun control via a ballot initiative.

He vowed, “We’re going to make this a voting issue, just like the other side does.”

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