Mysterious Hero on Horseback Retrieves Woman’s Purse from Thief

Horseback (Rich Fury / Invision / AP)
Rich Fury / Invision / AP

It’s a story straight from a movie scene: A Los Angeles-area man who was able to retrieve a woman’s stolen purse Friday evening by chasing the thief down on horseback is being hailed as a hero.

The unidentified man had reportedly been riding his steed on a busy street adjacent to the Northridge Fashion Center mall, where the alleged incident took place.

According to the local CBS News affiliate in Los Angeles, the man heard Natalie Rivera screaming that her purse had been stolen, and he chased the suspect around on horseback until he cornered him, took the purse and returned it to Rivera.

KTLA notes that security cameras captured the suspected thief following the victim in a parking structure on the mall’s property around about 10:30 p.m. before taking her purse and fleeing.

Although the suspect escaped, nothing was missing from the purse. The mysterious hero on horseback, however, has garnered the interests of women who learned of his brave and great deed — including Rivera herself.

“If you’re taken, she’s very lucky. But if you’re not … call me!” Rivera reportedly told CBS News of her hero.

Photo: File

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