Naked Burglar Breaks Into Old Woman’s Home, Eats Her Ice Cream

Naked Burglary Suspect and victim CBS LA
CBS News

A homeless 32-year-old man managed to break into a 77-year-old woman’s home early Tuesday monring, eat the ice cream in her freezer, and fall asleep naked in one of her bedrooms in Redlands, CA.

Bonnie, the homeowner of the Redlands home, said she had fallen asleep on her couch and had been awakened by a loud sound. According to the Press Enterprise, she noticed a duffel bag that did not belong to her on her bathroom floor.

The local CBS News affiliate in Los Angeles notes that she then noticed the door to her bedroom closed and quickly exited her home to dial 911.

Police were able to identify the transient as Caulin Ross.

“I had never seen him before,” Bonnie reportedly said. “He went into the kitchen, into the freezer, and took my ice cream.” She said she was shaking and has installed a security system on her home since the incident occurred.

Bonnie said that while she did not think Caulin was acting drunk, “He was on something.”

Last month, a real life “hamburglar” was caught on camera breaking into a Five Guys burger restaurant in Washington and cooking himself food. Authorities are still searching for information leading to the suspect.

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