Murderer Allegedly Leaves Note Apologizing For ‘Clumsy’ Kill

Police Siren, Crime Scene
Image: Associated Press

The unknown suspect believed to be behind two April 25 murders in San Jose allegedly left behind a note saying, “Sorry, my first kill was clumsy.”

The victims — 59-year-old Golam Rabbi, and his 57-year-old wife, Shamima — moved to the U.S. from Bangladesh “decades ago.” They were described as “humble, polite and peaceful people,” and their deaths have shocked those who knew them.

According to ABC 7, the couple was well known by fellow members at Evergreen Islamic Center. The couple was so committed to the center that friends came to look for them when days passed without a word from the Rabbis.

The friends found “an unlocked sliding glass” door and entered the home on Sunday. Once inside they found the bodies of Golam and Shamima on the floor, along with the note that contained the apology for a “clumsy” first kill.

Police confirmed that Golam and Shamima were each shot “at least once,” but released no other details.

The couple had two sons, a 17-year-old and another son in his young 20s. The Los Angeles Times reports that the son in his 20s “disappeared after his parents were found shot to death.” He is not a suspect in their murders, but police do want to question him.

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