KIM KARDASHIAN NUDE PICS! (How NBC News' Former Host Got His YouTube Ratings)

When NBC News and Cenk Uygur “mutually agreed” to part ways last week, Uygur took to his internet news program to explain his departure. He boasted that his YouTube show had “up to a million views per day”. This suggests that the world was hungry for Uygur’s special brand of progressive political commentary.

We here at have taken a look inside the numbers and the fact is that political commentary is not what online viewers of “The Young Turks” keep clicking for. In fact, they aren’t looking for “news” either. The “up to a million views per day” are coming from folks interested in the same thing most online consumers are looking for: scantily clad women and sensationalistic viral stories.

Here is a very brief and hilarious overview of the top 50 shows presented by Uygur. After viewing them you’ll be asking yourself how NBC News ever hired him in the first place.