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Colorado School Takes Rosary Beads Away From Student

Colorado School Takes Rosary Beads Away From Student

FOX NEWS: The rosary represents a Catholic symbol for a series of prayers, but at one Colorado school, the beads are a problem. 16-year-old student Manuel Vigil says he wears the beads because they make him feel safe. The school feels differently, saying that the rosary beads can be mistaken for a gang symbol.

Thompson school district spokesperson, Margaret Crespo, said, “We’ve given you two opportunities to take it off or to put it inside your shirt, and that’s not something that you’re interested in doing, then you don’t leave us an alternative but to remove it.”

The school has taken the beads away from Vigil twice since school started, and he says he’s not allowed to have it back unless a parent comes to pick it up.


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