Restaurant Owner Faces $2000 A Day Fine For Cleaning Sidewalk

Restaurant Owner Faces $2000 A Day Fine For Cleaning Sidewalk

KRIS TV: CORPUS CHRISTI – One local downtown business owner is furious after he says the city told him he couldn’t wash bird droppings off his sidewalk.

Webb says the city has put him in a very difficult position. For 18 years he has washed away the bird poop that covers the sidewalk in front of his downtown restaurant. That is until about a week ago when city officials told him he’s breaking the law.

The city says when you wash pollutants, like bird poop right, off your sidewalks it flows into the storm drain system which then leads out to the bay. Officials say that’s a violation of the city storm water ordinance that is based on state standards, similar to most other cities in Texas. But here’s the kicker. The city says when it rains and rain water washes stuff like bird poop into storm drains, that’s fine.

So we asked city officials, how can business owners clean their sidewalks without breaking the law? They said to vacuum it up, maybe even get a professional to clean it for you, but no matter what don’t let it go down the drains. Otherwise cleaning your sidewalk could get you a $2,000 a day fine dropped at your front door.