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Mark Levin Endorses Barbara Comstock for Congress

Mark Levin Endorses Barbara Comstock for Congress

On his Wednesday night radio show, conservative talker Mark Levin endorsed Republican candidate Barbara Comstock for the House seat soon to be vacated by Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA).

Frank Wolf is retiring. This is my congressional district and I want to be represented by an effective, consummate Reaganite. So I hope all of you nationally, all of you in this particular district that covers parts of Fairfax County, Loudoun County and other towns and so forth, will get behind her. I know there will be others that want to get in. Other conservatives, other pseudo-conservatives, moderates, and all the rest. But I feel she is the best shot at winning the district. She’s solid. She’s pro-life. She’s pro-second amendment. She’s pro-all the amendments, by the way. In fact, she’s pro-the entire Constitution. She’s fiscally conservative. She has opposed massive tax increases in Virginia. She’s been opposed by big labor, big anti-second amendment and all the rest of it. So I just want to say I wholeheartedly and energetically endorse Barbara Comstock and I hope that the Republican convention or at the Republican primary, or however its going to be handled, that my fellow Constitutionalists will support her as well. She’s got a magnificent record in and out of public office and she can win with our support.”


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