Turley: Ruling Against Obamacare is Correct

Turley: Ruling Against Obamacare is Correct

George Washington law professor and self-described liberal Jonathan Turley said that he agreed with the D.C. Circuit Court’s ruling against the federal government’s Obamacare subsidies for states that do not have their own exchanges in an appearance on Tuesday’s “The Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel.  “I agree with the D.C. Circuit opinion [against the subsidies]. I don’t see the ambiguity. In fact, I find it rather odd that a line that says that tax credits are linked directly to states with state exchanges is viewed as somehow ambiguous” Turley said.

He added that if the D.C. Circuit’s ruling is upheld “it will be a bloody mess,” and that such a ruling would mean “the entire premise of the ACA, its viability, is then at risk. I don’t see how the ACA can survive without this system. At least in the form it was originally designed to have. Now, does that mean it’ll collapse? It would collapse unless Congress would be willing to make massive changes and massive subsidies to back those up.”

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