Ron Fournier, A.B. Stoddard Slam Obama Presser

Ron Fournier, A.B. Stoddard Slam Obama Presser

National Journal’s Ron Fournier and The Hill’s A.B. Stoddard panned President Barack Obama’s Wednesday press conference in their appearance on the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report” following the event.  

“Two things — one, did he say anything today that changes the dynamic in Russia or the Middle East? No. Did he say anything that would even give Hamas or Putin pause? No,” Fournier said.

Stoddard added, “I was surprised that he dodged the question about what he would do on immigration by executive action, but he said still wants to work with both parties in both chambers at some kind of compromise. He’s really not doing that,” and that executive amnesty would be “very toxic” politically.

Fournier concluded “this is a guy who is an incredible writer, when he’s writing. I’m stunned all the time by the passive voice he uses, which is very ineffective and sounds weak. For example, to say Hamas is extraordinarily irresponsible. Frat boys are extraordinarily irresponsible. Hamas is a terrorist organization that’s killing people. Words matter when you’re trying to lead a country and trying to lead a world. I’m stunned by how poorly he uses them.”

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