Peter King Hammers 'Incredibly Absurd' MSNBC Host on Iraq

Peter King Hammers 'Incredibly Absurd' MSNBC Host on Iraq

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Rep. Peter King (R-NY) took host Thomas Roberts to task for arguing President Barack Obama cannot commit to a larger military operation in Iraq because Obama is “doing exactly what the American people want.”

King shot back,  “Leadership is not necessarily doing what people want.” 

Roberts quipped,  “So, the president should just do what you want?” 

“No, the president should do what’s right,” King replied.

“Which is what you want,” Roberts added. “You’re elected by the American people. You serve the American people. You can’t just go around being a dictatorship, like what these people are trying to fight against.”

That led to King going on the offensive against Roberts;

“That is incredibly absurd,” the New York congressman said. “I can’t believe you’re serious about it. You’re saying that the president realizes that he has to change policy to save the lives of the American people and to protect American interests, he shouldn’t do it?”

‘For you to say that somehow the president has to lock himself into what he said two, three years ago, if he was wrong then, he should admit it’ King concluded.

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