CBS's Dickerson: Obama's Sinking Poll Numbers Have Dems 'Depressed'

CBS's Dickerson: Obama's Sinking Poll Numbers Have Dems 'Depressed'

On Tuesday’s broadcast of “CBS This Morning,” CBS News political director John Dickerson broke down how the numerous crises around the world are interfering with Democrats’ campaigns in the upcoming November midterm elections.

Dickerson explained that while Republicans are motivated, it is Democrats that are struggling get their core domestic policy expressed to voters.

“If you talk to voters and say what issue do you care about the most – it’s still domestic issues that they pick when they say what’s driving their vote,” Dickerson said. “But, what’s motivating Republicans in this election is disappointment with the president. The president’s approval ratings are at about 40 [percent]. More [Republicans] disapprove of the job [Obama] is doing than in 2010. You may remember, 2010 was a terrible year for Democrats. So Republicans are very motivated.”

“Well Democrats are depressed,” he continued. “So what these international issues do is they create that sense of depression among Democrats and also rile up Republicans more. And there’s one other thing – to the extent we’re all talking about foreign policy, it deprives oxygen from Democrat opponents who want to talk about their issues, their local issues. So it kind of steals a bit of the spotlight from them.”

(h/t RNC Research)

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