Jimmy Kimmel

Watch: Jimmy Kimmel Fantasizes About Donald Trump Dying

ABC’s corporate jester Jimmy Kimmel has fantasized about former President Donald Trump dying, saying if the Supreme Court rules against Trump’s presidential immunity argument, “it might actually kill him” — to which the network’s live audience applauded enthusiastically.

FILE - In this Aug. 22, 2016, file photo, ABC talk show host Jimmy Kimmel poses with then

Late-Night Comedy Hosts Mock Herschel Walker as Stupid, Incapable Black Man

Late-night corporate comedians Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert launched broadsides against Trump-backed Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker this week as Democrats hit the panic button over polls showing the Republican leading incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock (D) despite the non-stop media attacks on his character.

ATHENS, GA - MAY 23: Heisman Trophy winner and candidate for US Senate Herschel Walker (R-