Gutfeld on Obama's ISIS Tack: 'Selena Gomez Has More Testosterone'

Gutfeld on Obama's ISIS Tack: 'Selena Gomez Has More Testosterone'

On Wednesday’s “The Five” on the Fox News Channel, co-panelist Greg Gutfeld opened the show with a scathing critique of President Barack Obama and his demeanor when speaking publicly about the threat of ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

Gutfeld compared Obama’s tone in discussing the ISIS threat to that of when he is speaking about domestic policy, which according to Gutfeld is a startling contrast that is likely motivated by ideology.

“I’d call him Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde but he’s more like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Bean. No wonder everyone is confused. We have a Goofus and Gallant presidency — Gallant with his pals and Goofus with us, passion for his fans, passivity for the rest of us. And so with the world on fire our president isn’t. At our defense he’s as inspiring as a soggy Cheerio. It’s like watching someone take batting practice with a garden hose or teeing off with a rope or shooting pool with a butterfly net. Selena Gomez has more testosterone.”

“At some point the president must admit we’re under attack, not by Republicans or evil corporations but radical Islam,” he continued. “It’s not Hobby Lobby, hell-bent madmen, But perhaps it’s odd to consult external threats when you are taught threats are internal, an ideology cultivated by Ayers and Alinsky. But like it or not, it’s time to lead and not from behind. In a world where everyone is behind, not being in front makes you an ass. It’s time to abandon your discomfort over American power. You’re not a unionist. You’re not a community organizer. You’re not a U.N. diplomat sipping Prosecco at an Italian mansion. You’re the president of the United States with critical role as leader of the free world. There were 43 before you. Let’s make sure there’s a 45th.

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