O'Reilly: Putin Is Using Hilter's Playbook; Obama Intimidated by Putin

O'Reilly: Putin Is Using Hilter's Playbook; Obama Intimidated by Putin

On Wednesday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” host Bill O’Reilly used his “Talking Points Memo” segment to warn against two of the biggest threats of evil to the United States and its interests in the world – Muslim terrorism, like ISIS, and an ever-aggressive Russian President Vladimir Putin, who O’Reilly argues is emerging in the same way Nazi Germany dictator Adolf Hitler did in the 20th Century.

Partial transcript as follows:

“Now, all Americans should absolutely understand two things,” O’Reilly said. “Number one, Muslim terrorism preaches that murdering Americans is good. And number two, that President Obama has been far too passive in the face of grave threats to the nation. And that brings us to the Russian villain Putin. His troops have now invaded Ukraine. This after Russia seized the Crimea. Once again President Obama is calling for international consensus to deal with Putin. Once again the president is not leading the effort to stop the Russian tyrant. He is waiting, taking meetings, considering.”

“It’s worth noting that 75 years ago this week, Adolf Hitler invaded Poland starting with World War II,” O’Reilly said. “Putin is using the Hitler playbook — moving his forces into weaker countries to seize territory. Hitler knew Europe was weak. He knew he could do pretty much whatever he wanted to do. Putin realizes the same thing — Europe is weak and President Obama has no stomach for confrontation. ‘Talking Points’ understands you can’t confront Russia militarily over Ukraine. But you can certainly arm the Ukrainians. And Mr. Obama refuses to do that. Also, the USA should begin moving missiles into NATO countries as a warning. And finally as ‘Talking Points’ said months ago the American banking system should refuse to accept any credit card receipts from Russia. That would break the Russian economy.

“When you think about it, President Obama seems to be intimidated by Putin,” O’Reilly added. “Mr. Obama also seems to be confused about how international terrorism can destabilize the entire world. It’s obvious the president has not thought these things through, has no strategy to confront them and is putting America in danger. Or am I wrong?” 

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