WaPo's Nia-Malika Henderson: DNC Chair Comments 'Very Much Over the Line'

WaPo's Nia-Malika Henderson: DNC Chair Comments 'Very Much Over the Line'

During the “Inside Politics” segment of CNN’s “New Day,” The Washington Post’s Nia-Malika Henderson said comments from Democratic National Committee chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), in which she suggested Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) “has given women the back of his hand” when comes to women’s issues, was “over the line.”

But she also added that it raises the question of whether or not the “war on women” meme will still for Democrats as it did during the 2012 campaign.

“Oh, very over the line and that’s why the Mary Burke campaign – they’re trying to get some distance and you have the DNC doing the same thing. They’re saying Debbie Wassermann Schultz didn’t mean to sort of minimize the problem of the domestic violence and violence against women,” she said. “You do have a lot of Democrats who are talking about this issue, violence against women, in their campaigns. Grimes is talking about it as well as Wendy Davis in Texas. I think one of the problems that you have with Democrats facing very tough races in November is whether or not this war on women still works. It obviously worked in 2012. They had Todd Akin who himself made Republicans a very big target, but here I think you have in Debbie Wassermann Schultz — very much someone who stepped over the line.”

(h/t RNC Research)

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