Buchanan: Democrats 'Should be Put on Notice' on Executive Amnesty

Buchanan: Democrats 'Should be Put on Notice' on Executive Amnesty

Columnist Pat Buchanan argued that “every Democrat should be put on notice” on the president’s plan to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants on Monday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

“Every Democrat should be put on notice to answer whether he supports this unconstitutional, illegal action which usurps the power of the United States” Buchanan said of the president’s planned executive amnesty.

He also argued Republicans should make immigration a bigger issue in the 2014 elections, stating “look, we had a battle in 2007 about amnesty and it was in the Congress and our side won, Sean. Our side won. Now the president can do it by executive order? I think the Republicans ought to raise the devil about it.”

“This issue is about the future of the United States, and as you mentioned in the short-term it’s about the security of the United States. Look, if you got terrorists you wanted to have walk into the United States easily, you’d find some spot along that border and send them in. For the life of me I don’t know why the Republican Party has not been ironclad on this issue for 25 years” he added.

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