Buchanan: Illegal Immigration Greater Long-Term Threat Than ISIS

Buchanan: Illegal Immigration Greater Long-Term Threat Than ISIS

Conservative commentator Pat Buchanan argued that illegal immigration is a greater “long-term threat” to the United States than ISIS on Monday’s broadcast of “The Laura Ingraham Show.”

“The United States itself is in tremendous long-term danger, I think, and the bleeding border along our southern border, the mass movement of peoples all over the world into this country, the decomposition of the country socially, and culturally, and politically.  All of these things it seems to be are far greater long-term threats to the United States than even those dreadful characters over there in Syria and Iraq beheading people,” he said.

Buchanan also declared that illegal immigration would shift American politics, stating, “It’s going to change the politics in America, too.  Because given the mammoth size of the welfare state … and folks coming in, by and large, who are very poor and lack education and the rest of it and become increasingly dependent upon government.  I think this is going to result in a [gradual] increase in Democratic strength.” And, “It’s going to seem to be very difficult for a conservative party that believes in smaller government, believes in individual opportunity, and believes in things conservatives believe in to ever really get national power.”

He concluded that members of the Republican Party probably support executive amnesty privately, arguing “you’ve probably got an awful lot of [people] over at the Chamber of Commerce, you’ve got a lot of establishment Republicans who are probably secretly delighted that the president’s going to do it [amnesty] by executive order and they don’t have to deal with it.”

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