MSNBC: Arab Allies 'Don't Trust This President'

MSNBC: Arab Allies 'Don't Trust This President'

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell and NBC’s “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd argued that America’s Arab allies don’t trust the president on Friday’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports.” 

“The Arab allies aren’t flocking to the United States. There isn’t this sense of rallying around this [the US’ offensive against ISIS],” Todd declared, to which Mitchell added, “they don’t trust this president, frankly.”

Todd also stated “the relationship between the Saudis and this administration has never been close. There’s a reason why. They’re hoping John Kerry who has been around awhile and has previous relationships with them will help things along. Same way with the Jordanians, with the Jordan king and this administration, they’ve never, there’s always been this, and some of it has to do with, they’re still upset he didn’t follow through on the air strikes against Assad and chemical weapons a year ago, and that hasn’t gone away. Never mind the Arab Spring, never mind Mubarak. That’s something that still sort of doesn’t sit well with both the monarchs in Jordan and in Saudi Arabia.” 

He concluded that “the intelligence estimates on ISIS [have] been behind the entire time, and in fact, I think one of the more overlooked aspects and pledges that the president made, ‘we’ve got to enhance the amount of intelligence we have when it comes to ISIS.’ that’s an acknowledgement that their intelligence on ISIS is not good right now.”

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