Buchanan: Executive Amnesty Will Cause 'Hellish Firestorm'

Buchanan: Executive Amnesty Will Cause 'Hellish Firestorm'

Columnist and author Pat Buchanan predicted that President Barack Obama would “have a hellish firestorm on his hands” if he moved forward with plans to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants through an executive order on this weekend’s “The McLaughlin Group.”

“I’ll tell you, he’s going to have a hellish firestorm on his hands if, he in December, which my guess would be he would likely to do, he grants an executive amnesty. When George Bush took all of that trouble to go to the Congress of the United States to fight a great battle, saying in effect, ‘Congress and the president decide this together,’ he does that unilaterally, and I think he’s going to permanently help his party and [damage] it.”

Mort Zuckerman, U.S. News and World Report chairman and editor-in-chief and publisher of The New York Daily News, added “I think he [Obama] is doing it almost entirely from a political perspective. I mean, whatever he does, at least on this kind of an issue, is not based on any great moral principle.” And “I would tell him to hold off for a while, because otherwise you’re going to create a real conflict within the United States public.”

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