Krauthammer: Obama a 'Narcissist,' 'Lives in a Cocoon'

Krauthammer: Obama a 'Narcissist,' 'Lives in a Cocoon'

Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer slammed President Barack Obama for his self-obsession and for surrounding himself with “sycophants” in an interview set to broadcast on Monday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show.”

“I decided when I left psychiatry never to use my authority. But let me just say as a layman, without invoking any expertise, Obama is clearly a narcissist in the non-scientific use of the word. He is so self-involved, you see it from his rise. Here’s a man who says ‘I don’t do theater, you know, I don’t do that.’ Well, his whole run in 2008 was theater, including the Roman, the Greek columns that he had around him at his speech at the convention in Denver. So I think he’s extremely self-involved. He sees himself in very world historical terms, which means A) because he’s an amateur, he doesn’t know very much, and B) because he’s a narcissist, he doesn’t listen … I mean, count the number of times he uses the word I in any speech, and compare that to any other president … For God’s sake, he talks like the emperor, Napoleon” he stated.

Krauthammer also argued “the man lives in a cocoon surrounded by sycophants. There’s not anyone of independent stature around him. There was in the first term, because he needed them to prop him up. But now that he entered a second term, he’s the master of the universe, so there’s nobody around him. He is impervious to outside advice, real advice that he takes.”

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