Sessions: Senate Dems 'Lemmings' for Obama 'Palace Guard' Harry Reid

Sessions: Senate Dems 'Lemmings' for Obama 'Palace Guard' Harry Reid

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) criticized Senate Democrats for rejecting an amendment to block President Obama’s planned executive amnesty on Friday’s broadcast of “The Laura Ingraham Show.”

Sessions said that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid allowing a few vulnerable Democrats to vote against the amendment while making sure the amendment did not pass was a “craven political act that is just beneath dignity” and “Washington at its worst.”  Sessions further blasted Senate Democrats as Harry Reid’s “lemmings,” while declaring Reid a “palace guard” for President Obama.

He argued that the stakes in the debate on the president’s proposed executive amnesty were high, saying “this is a time for Congress to say, are we going to allow the President of the United States to unlawfully alter American law, not enforce American law, and to execute an immigration policy that the Congress has not passed and the American people reject.”

Sessions also discussed the economic impact of the president’s proposed executive amnesty, which he stated would “hammer” working-class Americans.  Sessions also argued that the major problem facing the US economy is an “excess of labor and a big part of that is immigration.”

The senator further claimed that the immigration bill passed by the Senate “doubled the illegal flow of workers into America,” “did nothing to fix the visa problem,” and “weakened the current law.”  He added that  RNC Chairman Reince Priebus was “insufficiently informed about the reality of this immigration [proposal].”

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