D'Souza: 'I've Got a Big Smile on my Face'

D'Souza: 'I've Got a Big Smile on my Face'

Dinesh D’Souza, author of “America: Imagine a World without Her,” said that he had “a big smile” on his face after avoiding jail time after his conviction for violation of campaign finance laws on Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel. 

“I’ve got a big smile on my face now. I think I’ve had it for several hours. I can’t wipe it off because this was really an effort to put me out of business. The government was trying to lock me up for between 10 and 16 months, and a federal judge said no … today my faith in an independent judiciary is affirmed. My own country tried to get me and put me away and the court said no” he stated.

Asked whether he believed he was selectively prosecuted because of his opposition the Obama administration, he responded “I think that meeting the burden of proving a selective prosecution is very high, and I’m not saying I did it. In fact, when I came on your show I simply said when you look around the country at other situations, there seems to be a pattern of this administration using the instruments of the law, the IRS and so on, to go after its critics, and that’s happened in a number of other cases quite apart from mine.”  He added that “the judge said ‘you haven’t met the legal standard,’ and I respect that. So, today I think he decided ‘what was the just penalty that fits this offense?’”

He also reported that to fulfill his community service requirement he would be “teaching English to new immigrants to this country, so I’ll be helping with an assimilation process,” and that he thanked the judge for giving him community service as a sentence.

D’Souza concluded the interview by joking “believe me, they’re [everyone else in the community confinement center he will have to spend eight months in] all going be Republicans by the end of it.”

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