Buchanan: America Allowing Anti-US 'Animosities' Into Country

Buchanan: America Allowing Anti-US 'Animosities' Into Country

Conservative columnist and author Pat Buchanan argued that the US should “look with special care” at immigrants coming from countries that have been hotbeds for Islamic extremism because failure to do so would allow individuals to “bring into our country their own animosities and hatreds” on Thursday’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel.

“When the world is aflame and on fire and there’s rampant hatred of the United States … you’ve got to look with special care on folks coming in from those countries [with large amounts of Islamic extremism] because they bring into our country their own animosities and hatreds and the rest of it, and they create problems for us and, I think the United States has to look more seriously at its whole immigration policy” he stated. And, “by and large this terrorism coming out of the Middle East is being done by fanatic Muslims. When that’s the case and when it comes out of certain areas, common sense tells you have got to look more closely and tells me, frankly, Neil we need a review of our entire immigration policy.”

Buchanan also weighed in on the tenure of Attorney General Eric Holder, stating “I think the Attorney General, to be very candid, has played the race card far too heavily. Three weeks into his tenure of office, he says we are a nation of cowards for not dealing with race more directly when we just selected the first African-American president, and then he goes out to Ferguson, that place with this very explosive situation, and says ‘first, I want to point out I’m a black man and I’ve been chased down by cops.’” 

He further criticized the president for mentioning the unrest in Ferguson during his speech before the United Nations, asking “Russia maybe belonged in there … ISIS belonged in there, but is the Ferguson Police Department a major threat to mankind?”  He added that the reference had an “element of pandering” to Obama’s constituency, and was “silly because it [the actions of the Ferguson Police Department] was so inconsequential compared to the threat that’s facing this country from ISIS and from some of those terrorist groups in the Middle East.”

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