Fmr Carter Adviser: 'Shame on' Obama Admin's 'Callow Diplomacy'

Fmr Carter Adviser: 'Shame on' Obama Admin's 'Callow Diplomacy'

Amb. Marc Ginsberg, former Deputy Senior Advisor for Middle East Policy to President Jimmy Carter, and Ambassador to Morocco during the Clinton administration, blasted President Barack Obama’s “callow diplomacy” and failure to take significant action to prevent the Syrian city of Kobani from falling to ISIS on Wednesday’s “Jose Diaz-Balart” on MSNBC.

After seeing a clip of State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki insisting that the United States did not want to see the Syrian border city of Kobani to fall to ISIS, Ginsburg declared, “Shame on her shame on the administration for basically letting the Turks play a conspiracy game both with us and with the poor people of Kobani. 300,000 people, Jose, who’ve tried to escape who have begged for U.S. military assistance, who begged Turkey to come to their rescue. Turkey had armaments, tanks aligned on its border not letting the people across the border, desperately fleeing ISIS. Did nothing, nothing in the last few weeks to try to come to the rescue of the people defending Kobani. For the State Department to suggest that this is not a high priority when Kobani is about to fall, one of the major strategic goals of ISIS in western Syria, is, shall we say, an indication of the callow diplomacy of the Obama administration when it comes to trying to do the right thing strategically against ISIS.”

He added, “I think when all is said and done, Jose, it’s going to require more, shall we say, investigative reporting to see why the administration permitted the Turks to basically let 300,000 people be caught more or less in the swords and crucifixions of ISIS.”

Ginsberg concluded, “It’s really damming circumstantial evidence that this strategic city would fall while the United States largely, and the Turks definitely, stood on the sidelines.”

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