Graham: Kobani Fall Will Prove US Airstrikes Not Containing, Degrading ISIS in Any Way

Graham: Kobani Fall Will Prove US Airstrikes Not Containing, Degrading ISIS in Any Way

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “On the Record With Greta Van Susteren,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said if the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani falls to ISIS,v”It shows that the air strikes are not containing or degrading ISIS in any significant way.”

Graham continued, “If that town falls, thousands will be slaughtered that breaks one’s heart, humanitarian disaster. The stronger they get over there, the more endangered we are there. President Obama’s strategy of half-measures is making it much more likely that America will be hit by another terror attack. If they take Kobani, they will be able to recruit more and more jihadists from Europe and other places. They can come back here and strike us at home. His strategy of air attacks is not working. His insist not to have boots on the ground is a death blow to our efforts to destroy ISIS and, quite frankly, puts our country very much at risk.” 

“I don’t know when you hit bottom in foreign policy,” he continued. “But when you are being criticized by Jimmy Carter, you are pretty damn close. I just can’t believe that the president is not reacting more forcefully to it a threat to our homeland. Not only is this destroying Syria and putting everything we fought for in Iraq in jeopardy, ISIS safe haven in Syria and Iraq are going to eventually be used to attack us here at home. The sooner we engage these guys and engage them the safer we will be at home. This risky strategy of half measures is going to catch up with us and puts the homeland at risk. Without a ground component, Greta, you’re never going to destroy ISIS and the longer this takes and the longer it is drug out, the more at risk to our homeland.” 

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