Alec Baldwin: America Only Elected Obama Because Country Is More Sexist Than Racist

Alec Baldwin: America Only Elected Obama Because Country Is More Sexist Than Racist

In an appearance with Russell Brand on RT’s “The Kaiser Report,” Alec Baldwin offered his diagnosis of American politics.

Brand took a few jabs at the Fox News Channel, but Baldwin interrupted and explained how FNC hosts, including Sean Hannity, have a huge audience and said that attacking them does “no good.”

“Personalizing and demonizing those people, which I’ve done my share of – I’ve spit in [Sean] Hannity’s face many, many times – but that really does us no good,” Baldwin said. “You realize these people have a huge audience. Why do they have a huge audience? That market, that conservative – that disenfranchised, what they believe is disenfranchised whit market in America – they need someone to blame and that’s where these guys step up.”

Baldwin went on to explain why he thought there was that sense of disenfranchisement, which he tied to the United States’ ruling class. Brand interrupted pointing to President Barack Obama’s race, to which Baldwin said he was elected because Americans were more sexist than racist.

Partial transcript as follow:

BALDWIN: America is a country run by white Christian men. It has been for 75 or 100 years.

BRAND: The president is a black Muslim.

BALDWIN: That’s now – that’s now.  And he’s only president because he ran against a woman for the nomination.

BRAND: So we prefer black over woman.

BALDWIN: No, no my friend said that in America – sexism and racism, it’s close but actually one has the advantage. My friend said to me, “Men have been suspicious of women a lot longer than white people have been suspicious of black people.”

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