White House: No Ebola Czar

White House: No Ebola Czar

Wednesday during the White House press briefing Press Secretary Josh Earnest said there will not be an “Ebola czar” appointed in light of the second American getting Ebola after caring for the late Thomas Eric Duncan.

Earnest said, “As it relates to a so-called Ebola Czar, what I’ll reiterate what we’ve said in the past on this, which is that we’ve designated very clear lines of responsibility in terms of which agencies are responsible for which aspects of this response. We’ve got CDC personnel who are operating in West Africa to work with those local governments, to try to meet the urgent humanitarian public health needs in those countries.” 

“You have a Department of Defense that is responding to the orders of the president of the United States, to set up enhanced logistical capacity, so that the international community can benefit from improved logistics as they seek to move equipment and personnel into the region, to try to confront this outbreak. You’ve got Department of Homeland Security staffers that are responsible for securing our transportation infrastructure and monitoring individuals who are entering this country at ports of entry across the map. And then in addition to that, you have hhs and CDC officials who are responsible for coordinating with state and local public health authorities.”

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