Coulter: Klain Part of Dem Effort to Exclude Military Ballots in 2000 Election

Coulter: Klain Part of Dem Effort to Exclude Military Ballots in 2000 Election

Conservative columnist and author of “Never Trust a Liberal Over 3-Especially a Republican,” Ann Coulter argued that new Ebola czar Ron Klain is qualified because of his experience “doing whatever will help Democrats,” and argued the United States should ban travel to Ebola-afflicted countries on Saturday’s “Justice with Judge Jeanine” on the Fox News Channel.

“They keep saying, ‘we don’t need a doctor in this role, we need someone with administrative experience.’ Oh, guess what else he doesn’t have? Administrative experience. But, he does have experience doing whatever will help Democrats,” Coulter said as a mocking defense of Klain’s qualifications for the position.

Coulter also attempted to recall the aftermath of the 2000 presidential election and Klain’s role to have military ballots excluded in Florida, which would have given an edge to then-Vice President Al Gore, who lost to the ultimate winner George W. Bush.

Later in the segment, Coulter argued for a flight ban, stating that “people whose salaries we’re paying are supposed to be protecting Americans, not protecting the citizens of the world … the way we help the rest of the world is by developing a cure. we don’t, we didn’t discover the cure to aids by having scientists hang out at studio 54 to fight it at the source.” And “anyone in Liberia or one of these countries who thinks he might possibly have Ebola is going to, more than any other immigrant to America, have a very good reason to get here. We just spent half a million dollars on an immigrant who lied to get in from Liberia and then, you know, apologize. His family is now suing for half a million dollars’ worth of free care.”

“I thought it was very responsible for the President of the United States to go on TV and say that he had hugged and kissed nurses who had treated an Ebola patient.  If I was a nurse at one of these hospitals, I’d quit, it’s not worth it.”

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