Matthews on Dems Distance from President: 'It's Like Obama Has Ebola'

Matthews on Dems Distance from President: 'It's Like Obama Has Ebola'

On Tuesday’s “Hardball” on MSNBC, host Chris Matthews remarked on how some Democratic candidates are avoiding President Barack Obama and his policies.

In the segment with liberal commentator Ron Reagan and NBC political reporter Ron Reagan, Matthews took it as far as likening Obama’s persona non grata status to Ebola.

Partial transcript as follows:

MATTHEWS: What do you think it`s like being the president right now, when you hear the people that you have been consorting with politically, Ron, for — ever since you have been in public life, not a long time for him, but all of a sudden, they`re all denying him?

I`m going to talk at the end of the show it`s like being a father of a teenage daughter. You get used to that. So, he`s got two teenage daughters. When you go in public with Sasha and Malia, I know what it`s going to be like for him. Like, dad, do you have to walk so close to me? Do you have to act like you`re my father? Can`t you keep a little distance? What are you doing here? Disappear.

That`s what fathers know when they have teenager daughters.

REAGAN: That`s right.

Listening to Grimes, you would think that Obama had showed up to pick her up at the school dance wearing pajamas and a bathrobe.


MATTHEWS: That`s what I`m talking — well, I never did that, but thank you. I was told you got to drop your daughter off two blocks away from the party.

And if there`s a party at your house, don`t even come out and watch while they`re dancing. Just disappear.

Anyway, the DNC is running ads in black newspapers right now to energize voters. The ads reads — quote — this is a pretty impressive ad — “Get his back.” In other words, stand up for him, stand with President Obama.

Meanwhile, two more Democratic Senate candidates have on recent occasion denied him. Michelle Nunn in Georgia, Mark Begich in Alaska appear to be following the Grimes playbook. Both candidates were recently approached on the street by Republican trackers, but refused to say if they voted for President Obama. Let`s watch them and then Perry will react.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Ms. Nunn, did you vote for President Obama in 2008 and 2012?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Would you leave her alone?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Senator Begich, did you vote for Obama in 2008 and 2012?


MATTHEWS: That`s the way people walk past guys you`re trying to get a buck or a quarter from somebody. It`s like walking right past the guy.


BACON: We should note, Chris, Michelle Nunn has told “The Washington Post” subsequent…


BACON: … that she voted for…

MATTHEWS: Subsequent to that.

But in that moment..

BACON: But in that moment, you can tell they don`t want to be caught — I think it`s a big thing — they don`t want to be caught on video, as if it`s like a dangerous thing and a bad thing.

MATTHEWS: Because?

BACON: They don`t want to be caught on camera, because it will turn into an ad. This is what they`re — I think this is a silly concern in my mind. Of course Michelle Nunn voted for the Democratic president.


MATTHEWS: It`s like Obama has got Ebola. You don`t want to be — I wasn`t near him, I didn`t touch.

BACON: I don`t think he`s worried at the White House. I think he gets it. I`m told he tells candidates in red states, do what you got to do.


MATTHEWS: Perry ,you`re a young man. He`s got a thicker skin than I do. I`ll tell you that.

BACON: Exactly.

MATTHEWS: Ron, he`s got a thick skin to put up with this kind of treatment. they don`t even know the guy.

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