GOP Cand Hurd: Obama Wants Officials 'Who Stuck With Him'

GOP Cand Hurd: Obama Wants Officials 'Who Stuck With Him'

Will Hurd, the Republican candidate for the US House of Representatives in Texas’ 23rd Congressional district argued that President Obama wants voters to “stick with the people who stuck with him,” during the GOP’s Weekly Address on Saturday.

Hurd argued that the current administration “spends too much, listens too little, and thinks the answer to every question is more government,” and that a government that fails to “protect our economy, secure our borders, or provide basic services to our veterans” should change.

Hurd said that the president expects voters “stick with the people who stuck with him” and voted for Obamacare, and blocked jobs bills.  He asked “don’t we want representatives who vote with us, the people? Don’t we want to send to Washington leaders who would take on the tough issues and focus on getting things done?”

He then argued that current policies are “threatening our economic security,” and that the government should “clean up the mess created by debt and waste by balancing our budget, and simplifying our tax code.  We need to reduce the burdens on middle class families and small business owners who are trying to achieve the American Dream.  We need to ensure our ability to be energy independent. And we need to make border security, countering drug traffickers, and fighting cybercriminals a national intelligence priorities.”

He concluded by declaring that the country needs a “new energy and a new vision,” and not the same policies of the last six years.

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