Dem Rep Compares Quarantines to Teri Schiavo

Dem Rep Compares Quarantines to Teri Schiavo

Thursday morning on CNN’s “Newsroom”, anchor Carol Costello invited Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) to discuss Maine nurse Kaci Hickox’s decision to defy her state-ordered quarantine orders.

“You heard what Kaci Hickox’s neighbor said,” Costello began. “Why doesn’t she just stay in her house for 21 days and call it a day, calm fears, what is the big deal?”

“The big deal is that she has a right as a citizen of the United States, unless she’s committed some criminal action, or is a danger to the welfare of the public, to have freedom of access and movement,” Cohen said. “The doctor, science, says she has no symptoms. This is just a part of the fear that’s kind of understandable but unfortunately it’s been stirred up and caused by fear-mongering politicians who see poll-driven numbers…”

“Wouldn’t it be helpful for Ron Klain to come out and say all these things? Don’t you wonder why he’s not?” Costello asked later.

“I don’t know why he isn’t but I’m sure there’s a good reason,” Cohen said. “He’s outstanding on policy, he’s been an outstanding government official…”

“The CDC has made statements and they don’t listen to the CDC,” Cohen continued. “I don’t think they would listen if Francis Collin said something, so Ron Klain saying something doesn’t make any difference, I think this is strictly driven by politics and fear. And I think we’ll look upon it one day like Teri Schiavo.”

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