McCain: Political Civil War Would Be 'Effect' of Immigration EO

McCain: Political Civil War Would Be 'Effect' of Immigration EO

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) argued that a political civil war would be the “effect” on any executive action to implement immigration reform by the president on Monday’s “O’Reilly Factor” on the Fox News Channel.

McCain said “I see it [an executive order on immigration] as a cynical action that means that the president isn’t that interested in comprehensive immigration reform. He’s only interested in placating his base and this Hispanic population of our nation because he knows full well that that will cause a huge negative reaction amongst the Republicans, and frankly, most Americans.” And “I’m very much afraid that he is going to take unilateral action so he can go back to the Democrat Hispanic base, those that have been very critical of him for not acting, and…blame it all on the Republicans in Congress again.”

After O’Reilly clarified by asking, “so, you think he wants a civil war for political reasons, is that what you’re saying?”  McCain responded “I can’t say that specifically, that that’s his intention, but I can certainly say that that’s going to be the effect.”

He concluded, “for him to unilaterally carpet bomb us here. then that is going to cause a huge negative reaction. Frankly amongst my constituents.”