Gruber: GOP 'Master Strategy' to 'Confuse' People About ObamaCare

Gruber: GOP 'Master Strategy' to 'Confuse' People About ObamaCare

In an appearance on Boston PBS affiliate WGBH’s “Greater Boston” on Tuesday, embattled ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber once again attempted to apologize for his ill-advised comments crediting the “stupidity of the American people” for the passage of ObamaCare in 2010.

“I apologize for the terms I used,” Gruber said to host Emily Rooney. “I expressed myself very poorly.”

Also during the appearance, Gruber said the Supreme Court was more of a threat to the law itself than the soon-to-be Republican-controlled Congress.

“The much bigger threat is the Supreme Court case,” Gruber said. “The Supreme Court case does attack a fundamental pillar of the law…. It says that the plaintiff’s claim, through a misreading of the law, that states that don’t run their own exchanges shouldn’t deliver subsidies to people, which is patently at odds with what the law is trying to do.”

But Gruber attacked Republicans as well by accusing them of trying to confuse people.

“This comes to the master strategy of the Republican party, which is to confuse people enough about the law so that they don’t understand that the subsidies they’re getting is because of the law,” he added.

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