SNL Envisions Drunk McConnell-Obama Meeting

SNL Envisions Drunk McConnell-Obama Meeting

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” depicted a bourbon summit between President Obama and future Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) where the two get massively drunk.

At first, the two disagree on what the message of the election was, with Obama believing the election was about the two parties working together, while McConnell believes Obama was rejected. 

Later, three drinks in, McConnell warns Obama about his planned executive action on immigration, but when Obama asks whether he has a plan, McConnell insists Republicans will pass immigration reform.  The two then burst out laughing at this suggestion.

The two then prank call Hillary Clinton, during which McConnell yells his support for Rand Paul and jokes that Clinton would lie to Congress about the prank if asked.

After the two drink even more, McConnell expresses surprise that given the country’s history, they have a black president, to which Obama jibes that McConnell is a “redneck,” who “looks like he lost his lips in a fight.”  McConnell later remarks, “I can’t dance like you.”

Later, when the two are clearly heavily intoxicated, Obama and McConnell both start crying about their strained relationship with each other. 

At the end of the sketch, when they have started a second bottle of bourbon, the two joke that nothing will get accomplished in the next two years.

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