Levin: Obama Ferguson Summit Only About Promoting Leftism

Levin: Obama Ferguson Summit Only About Promoting Leftism

Talk radio host and author of “The Liberty Amendments” argued that President Obama’s summit on the events in Ferguson was more about promoting leftism than about helping people in the inner city on Monday.

Levin accused President Obama of ignoring crime, unemployment, and poor schools in the inner city, “now the nation is focused on another major leftist agenda item, which is ‘racist cops.'”

He continued, saying that Obama owns the “unconscionable unemployment rate in our black communities” and stating that he and Attorney General Eric Holder were “elitists” who engage in hypocritical actions such as blocking school vouchers while their children attend private schools.

Levin concluded that with his executive action on immigration “Obama just took a step that will do more harm to the black community and other minorities in this country than any economic step that could have been taken.” And “who do you think employers are going to hire, the guy over here, recently legalized where the employer doesn’t have to pay for Obamacare coverage or the guy over here, a US citizen, from the inner city, who will be covered by Obamacare?”

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