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Rangel Rebutted On-Air by CNN


CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield corrected Congressman Charlie Rangel (D-NY) on claims that protesters in New York City had not called for dead cops on Monday.

Rangel spoke about the “blue wall of silence” among police officers, and then stated “but I don’t think this is the time to talk about it,” to which Banfield argued that it was the time considering that protesters were chanting for dead cops, to which Rangel dismissively responded “they are not.” Banfield remained adamant, asking the control room to put up the video of protesters chanting for dead cops.

Rangel then seemed to back down from his claims that nobody called for dead cops, instead saying “well, they’re ill people and, in any type of [protest] you find emotion and you find crazy people involved, and we should condemn it, but we shouldn’t concentrate on that. There are mentally ill people, there’s a copycat tradition, there’s a feeling that people are not appreciated for the work that they do and the courage they have each and every day.”

(h/t Laura Ingraham Show)

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