Morris: Dems ‘Suicidal’ if They Continue to Support Obama Amnesty

Wednesday on Newsmax TV’s “MidPoint,” political analyst Dick Morris said there is a statistic that not enough politicians are paying attention to yet. He explained Latino voters, when separated  into the categories of America-born or born abroad, have significantly different political views.

Morris said currently only 50 percent of American-born Latinos support President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty, while it’s four-to-one in favor among Latinos who were born abroad. Morris added the American-born category makes up 75 percent of the Latino vote.

So he concluded the Democrats in the Senate are likely to negotiate with the Republicans on a veto proof vote to stop Obama’s executive order amnesty. Citing the unpopularity of amnesty among lower income workers of all races, Morris said “the Democratic party really is suicidal if they are going to make a stand over this amnesty order.”

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