Costner: Race Is Invoked Anytime Someone Wants to Shut Down a Conversation

In an interviewed that aired on “CNN Tonight” on Thursday, actor Kevin Costner discussed race in Hollywood, particularly in the wake of the Oscar snub of “Selma.”

Partial transcript as follows:

LEMON: And you have said any time someone wants to shut a conversation down, you just invoke race.

COSTNER: Well, it is not the only way that you do it, but when you want to shut a conversation down you can also walk away. Whatever happened in Ferguson today. Somebody either walked away — it breaks down. I think the beauty of a movie is that a lot of people can watch it and see it for two hours, they can see things that maybe they’ve said in their life or maybe things they wish they had said in their life, and they’re not going to be able to walk away. They’re going to go sit there in that movie, and say, who am I? Am I that person? I know Octavia [Spencer] and Anthony Mackie personally. Both felt that they could say things that they wanted to say their whole lives, not only for themselves, but for their generation.

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