Graham: ‘Obama’s About to Unleash Hell on the Mideast’

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) declared that President Obama is “about to unleash hell on the Mideast” with his policy towards Iran on Wednesday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show.”

“Why would you negotiate with a regime [Iran] that is building an ICBM, that is sponsoring terrorism at the highest level in modern times, why not just call a time-out and say ‘we’re not going to talk to you anymore about your nuclear program until you stop your weapons build-up and destabilizing the neighbors’? Does anybody really believe that Barack Obama would use military force against Iran after he drew a red line against Assad and did nothing?” he stated.

Graham continued “the Israelis are not going to allow the Ayatollahs to go nuclear. And the deal that we’re contemplating with Iran is North Korea in the making, and the Arabs and the Israelis are not going to allow the Ayatollahs in Iran to have a nuclear capability only contained by the UN. That’s what we tried to do in North Korea. So, Obama’s about to unleash hell on the Mideast, he’s about to create a nuclear arms race by wanting a deal with the Iranians so badly that he’s about to make the mistake of a lifetime.”

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