Listen: ESPN’s Cowherd Explains Why Men Succeed in Business More Than Women

During Wednesday’s airing of “The Herd” on ESPNU and ESPN Radio, host Colin Cowherd discussed why men should quit telling women that they look good in things even when they do not.

According to Cowherd, men lying to women has made them more compartmentalized, causing them to not take on criticism as well as their male counterparts in the business world, which is why they are less successful.

“Guys do one thing really well, and I think it’s really helped them through the years in business. Guys compartmentalize really well. Women don’t do it as well. And there’s a million articles on this, you can look it up. This isn’t some misogynistic take.  I’m not saying every guy does it well and no women do it well. I’m not giving you an absolute but guys compartmentalize well. My son already eight does it better at eight than my daughter at 14. My ex-wife did it, my wife does it, my step-daughters do it, my mom, the women in my life are not great compartmentalizing. Get into a fight with them, lasts all month. Grudges. You get in a bar fight, five minutes later, ‘Dude, I’ve got a business idea.’ ‘What? We can make each other money? High-five, all in.’ We just compartmentalize things the way our brains are wired. We’ve got some things in our brains that hurt us. We commit more crimes, we’re more violent. There are other things we do well. Spatial ability sometimes, men or women can do it really well. We compartmentalize really well.”

He continued, saying “Part of why guys succeed in business, some of it is obviously tradition and opportunity, but some of it is guys can take really bad news and take it personally and it doesn’t destroy them. And I’ve never understood this idea that you just always say to a woman, ‘You look great.’ She’s not a pet. She’s not nine. She’s not like your kid, ‘Honey, you tried real hard, of course you look beautiful.’ She’s 42. She’s successful. She probably has higher SAT scores and a better job. I don’t for the life of me get it. The ultimate sign of respect for any human being is honesty. Honey, my wife asked me the other day, ‘How do these pants look?’ I’m like, ‘Okay in front, not as good in back.’ She still loved me. My wife comes up to me all the time, she’s like ‘Do better.’ that’s her big thing. ‘Do better. That shirt — do better.’ ‘Alright.’ I want to do better. Why can’t I do it with my wife? Do better. That thing in society right now, I don’t get it. Honesty is respect. ‘Yeah, you don’t look great in that. Ehhhh, not your best outfit. You can still make it later.’ I don’t get it.”

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