Krauthammer: GOP ‘Can’t Execute A Surrender’

Columnist Charles Krauthammer reacted to the House’s failure to pass a short-term DHS funding bill that did not touch the president’s executive action on immigration by saying Republicans “can’t execute a surrender” on Friday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel.

“If you cannot execute a surrender, well, then you’re in real trouble. And if you can’t execute a surrender when you control both houses, you ought to think of a different line of work. The Republicans lost on this. There was a way out, it would have been a radical way, and that would have been to abolish the filibuster and to pass it in the Senate and to pass it in the House. That would have worked, nobody wanted to go radical, that’s okay. But if you don’t, you can’t get anything through because the Democrats would stop it in the Senate. If it’s stopped in the Senate, it’s futile to attempt to do it in the House because it will go nowhere. So, at this point, if you’re not going to go radical in the Senate, you throw in the towel, you don’t prolong the agony, and you fight somewhere else on firmer ground” Krauthammer stated.

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