Trump: Still Must Determine If Obama Birth Certificate Is Real

Thursday at the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference, real estate mogul Donald Trump defended his successful attempt to get President Barack Obama to release his birth certificate but still questions the validly of what was released.

Trump said, “I would still like to see his college records and see a couple of things. I’m not looking at his marks. he wrote a book when he was a young man and it said born in Kenya. I would like to see his college records. I think it is important. as far as the birth certificate, Hillary Clinton wanted his birth certificate. Hillary was a birther and she couldn’t get it. John McCain fought viciously to get his birth certificate. He failed, couldn’t get it. And Trump comes along, and I’m not a sitting senator, I’m not a sitting  anything else, a good business man, but Trump comes along and says birth certificate he gave a . Whether or not that was a real certificate because a lot of people question it. I certainly question it. But Hillary Clinton wants it and John McCain wants it and I wanted it and he didn’t do it for them, he did it for me. So in one sense I’m proud of it. And now we have to find out whether or not it was real.”

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