New York Times: Big Tech Is Conservatives’ ‘Boogeyman’

The New York Times recently published an article highlighting the dramatic change in the attitude about Big Tech at CPAC, from being heavy sponsors of the conference last year to being attendees’ “boogeyman.”

Google CEO Sundar Pichai

LEAKED AUDIO: Google Discusses ‘Steering’ the Conservative Movement

Google’s senior director of U.S. public policy, Adam Kovacevich described the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) as a “sideshow Circus,” in a leaked audio recording in which he also argued that Google should remain a sponsor of the conference to steer the conservative movement “away from nationalistic and incendiary comments.”

Google blames users for "behaving badly" leading to censorship

Watch Live: President Donald Trump Speaks at CPAC

Watch President Donald Trump speak to activists at the Conservative Political Action Conference. The speech is scheduled to air at 11:30 a.m. EST and will take place at a conference center just outside of Washington, DC.


Michelle Malkin Delivers Scorching Immigration Speech at CPAC

Conservative powerhouse Michelle Malkin took aim directly from the CPAC main stage Friday, at the lack of immigration focus while delivering fuel for the fight against longstanding abuses of the American immigration system.

Conservative pundit Michelle Malkin, a speaker at the 2019 Conservative Political Action Conference, slammed both parties for not pushing for stricter immigration legislation, specifically "the ghost of John McCain."

Candace Owens at CPAC: The Democrats Are the ‘Party of Slavery, Jim Crow, KKK’

Turning Point USA communications director Candace Owens told an audience at CPAC on Friday that “the truth is on our side as conservatives,” and that truth is all conservatives actually need in order to wake up minority communities to understanding that the Democrat Party is the Party of “slavery, Jim Crow laws, racial terrorism, and the KKK.”

Candace Owens