GOP Rep: Obama Trying to Overthrow Netanyahu

Tuesday on Newsmax TV’s “MidPoint” Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) said he believes the Obama administration is using “coercion, and trying to overthrow the current prime minister,” Benjamin Netanyahu.

Gosar said, “This administration, whether it be the Ukraine, whether it be Syria, whether it be the horn of Africa, whether it be ISIS, they have no clue what they are doing.”

Discussing today’s Israeli elections, he said, “I think the investigation ought to go into this administration for their coercion and trying to overthrow the current prime minister.”
When asked if he was using the “fairly harsh word,” “overthrow” lightly, the congressman answered, “I don’t, but once again, this administration has gone for egregious behavior and asks for immunity after the fact. Whether it be with Fast and Furious, whether it be James Rosen, whether it be the IRS,  whether it be Benghazi, and now with backing monies trying to overthrow Bibi Netanyahu, and once again, we will find we are right on the money and we have to be very very forceful with those words hold people accountable.”

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