O’Reilly: Cruz’s Resume Scrutinized, Obama’s Wasn’t


The Fox News Channel’s “O’Reilly Factor” host Bill O’Reilly accused the media of a double standard in their treatment of President Obama and Ted Cruz on Tuesday.

O’Reilly stated “in the Wall Street Journal today, the lead editorial compares Ted Cruz to Barack Obama. Both men beginning their presidential quests just having two years in the Senate. Both men young, President Obama 45 at the time he started running, Ted Cruz 44, but the comparisons end there. However, it’s interesting to see how Mr. Cruz’s resume is being scrutinized by the media while Barack Obama’s inexperience was essentially given a free pass. Here’s a Washington Post editorial for from january 18th, 2007, ‘no matter what your political leanings are, you’re likely to feel at least a twinge of excitement about Illinois Senator Barack Obama’s decision to compete for the Democratic presidential nomination.’ The Post basing its assessment on Mr. Obama’s mixed race citing the historical significance of it, but Ted Cruz is part Cuban. A fact that was immediately brought up,” before he played a clip of “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg demanding to see Cruz’s birth certificate and mocking Cruz’s race.

O’Reilly then argued “conservative Americans are the most maligned mainstream group in the USA. If you don’t believe in global warming, you are a loon. If you do believe life begins at conception, you’re a religious fanatic. If you want strong action against the jihadists, you’re a warmongerer…if any other minority group in the country was smeared the way conservatives are there’d be a Justice Department investigation.”

He concluded that while Cruz “most likely will not win the nomination,” “his entry into the race is a very positive thing if you believe that America should be a vibrant democracy with all sincere views considered.”

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