Rand: Cut Department of Commerce Budget 100%

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) said he “would cut every bit” of the Department of Commerce’s budget in an interview broadcast on Tuesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

“We either do it [spending cuts] 1% across the board, or maybe some programs we cut 100% of. So, the Department of Commerce…I consider most of it, if not all of it, to be corporate welfare. I would cut every bit of it…but if you can’t decide on it, kind of like the sequester, you don’t make up your mind, you don’t put a budget forward, then you’ll get the sequester” he stated.

Earlier, Rand said “I still think that now Republicans are in charge of Congress, we need to stand for something. We need to stand for truly reducing the spending.” And “the last couple of Republicans we’ve put forward, I couldn’t tell you what we were for. I think we were for revenue-neutral tax reform, and in Washington, that’s what passes for bold.”

One of the contrasts he laid out was “if you raise defense spending, which I think we do need defense spending, I would cut domestic spending, the exact same amount. That separates some conservatives in this race. Because there are conservatives, several of them who either are running, or may run who say, ‘oh, increase defense at all costs, but I don’t care if you pay for it.’ I’m one who says ‘I will increase defense spending, but only if you pay for it by cutting other spending.'”

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